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This resource exists to help technology developers and early adopters plan effective pilot tests that increase a new technology’s chance for success. Drawing from the concept of design thinking, this Playbook is framed by three overlapping priorities — viability, desirability, and feasibility — that ultimately inform technology design, product launch, and scale-up to reduce the risk of failure.

A pilot test serves as a critical step before going to market or implementing a program. Such a test offers organizations the opportunity to rollout the solution in small numbers before attempting large-scale implementation. Pilot testing provides a safe place to fail and can save organizations time and money in the long run. But how do you know what to pilot and when? How do you design a pilot? And where should you pilot test your solution?

This Playbook focuses on piloting a reinvented toilet (RT) and is mainly intended for those interested in piloting an RT or other sanitation solution in their district: 1) innovators, including technology developers and their commercial partners (CPs); 2) implementers, such as government leaders (such as cities and municipalities) and sanitation planners; and 3) donors.