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Évaluation à mi-parcours de l'activité de sécurité alimentaire d'Enyanya Development en RDC

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Évaluations et recherche
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In September 2016, the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Office of Food for Peace (FFP) issued an award to Mercy Corps (MC) Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to implement a Development Food Security Activity (DFSA). It is a five-year activity (October 2016 to September 2021) with a budget of $38 million, being carried out in the South Kivu province. The overall program goal of the South Kivu Food Security Project (FSP)-Enyanya is to “improve food and nutrition security and economic well-being of vulnerable households in South Kivu.”

The mid-term evaluation (MTE) aimed to assess the quality of program service delivery, identify evidence of changes to date due to FSP-Enyanya’s interventions, assess the quality, relevance and efficacy of FSP-Enyanya’s design, assess the degree and benefits of efficacious coordination, collaboration, and convergence with locally-based partners and external organizations, assess early evidence of sustainability produced by FSP-Enyanya interventions, assess the appropriateness and quality of the R&I approach, determine the appropriateness and effectiveness of interventions focused on cross-cutting themes and recommend adjustments to FSP-Enyanya implementation or design.

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