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Fiches techniques Gouvernance Démocratique de l’Eau

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
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Technical Guidance

These technical worksheets, produced by Budikadidi, aim to help with water governance and includes facilitation instructions on: 1) the basic principles of water governance; 2) stakeholder analysis; 3) vision and scenario development; 4) the essential attributes of water governance, and; 4) the twin pillars of water governance.

Budikadidi, meaning ‘self-sufficiency’ in Tshiluba, the local language, is implemented in partnership with Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Caritas Mbuji Mayi, Réseaux Femmes et Développement (REFED) and Human Network International (HNI) to achieve sustained nutrition, food security and economic well-being outcomes for 263,935 participants in three rural health zones in Kasai Oriental province.