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These 4 documents are Critical Resource Information Briefs (CRIBs) published in 2008 by Africare and USAID. The Briefs include:

  • Selecting FANTA Indicators for Nutrition Education for People Living with HIV (PLHIV) - a complete list of Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance (FANTA) indicators for measuring the impact of nutritional education and counseling tailored specifically to people living with HIV (PLHIV). It is intended to assist in development of key tracking indicators for nutrition and education activities that are targeted for and will inevitable impact people living with HIV as the new round of Africare food security projects are initiated in 2009.
  •  Overview of FANTA and WFP Guide on Food Assistance Programming in the Context of HIV - developed to provide a condensed overview of the contents of each chapter of the FANTA and World Food Programme (WFP) guide Food Assistance Programming in the Context of HIV and to note some of the topics and issues that would be of particular interest to Africare. The guide covers a broad range of issues relevant to food assistance in areas of high HIV prevalence, from information on potential donors of programs that integrate food assistance and HIV to monitoring and evaluation systems, from education to emergency response.
  • Proxy Indicators for Identifying HIV-Affected Households - provides a list of proxy indicators from FANTA and WFP (2007), as well as other sources such as Save the Children (2004) and UN WFP (2008), for identifying PLHIV and their households. The aim is to provide Africare staff and field staff from other Title II Cooperating Sponsors with the critical information needed to select the most promising and appropriate proxy indicators for identifying HIV-affected individuals and households in a quick reference format. Field teams that intend to more specifically target HIV-affected households in their food security initiatives should use this brief to select a number of proxy indicators to field test and validate.
  • Selecting FANTA/WFP Indicators for Food Programming in the Context of HIV - presents a list of the indicators recommended in the FANTA and the WFP guide “Food Assistance Programming in the Context of HIV” for assessing the impacts of food programming on households in HIV-affected areas. It also briefly presents the most basic factors to consider when developing and selecting M&E indicators for this purpose that are more comprehensively addressed in the FANTA and WFP guide. It is intended as a quick reference to the much more detailed and comprehensive FANTA/WFP guide.