Grant Opportunities

The FSN Network features grant opportunities from our collaborators that fund innovations, research, tools, and learning events for better food security programming

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Jonas Gratzer / Save the Children


Here you will find grant opportunities offered by the following USAID-funded mechanisms: IDEAL, IMPEL, PRO-WASH, REAL, and SCALE. These grants fund small activities that identify and address knowledge and capacity gaps in food and nutrition security programming around the world. Grants can be awarded for approaches including tool development, conducting learning events, piloting new approaches, and disseminating knowledge to the global food security and nutrition community. Each funding opportunity has its own Request for Applications (RFA) and will have distinct goals and applicant eligibility. Scroll below to learn more about the different grant opportunities offered by our collaborators.

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Click here to explore small grants awarded by IDEAL to-date.

Types of Grants

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IDEAL Micro Grants

This grant helped practitioners develop tools, conduct learning events, or fund practical field-level approaches.

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IDEAL Program Improvement Awards

This award funded the development of resources that improve program design across the food security community.

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IDEAL Applied Research Award

This award can be used to conduct, write, and disseminate research that applies to the food security community.

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IDEAL Qualitative M&E Program Improvement Award

This award funds the development of practical, program-oriented qualitative research approaches.

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SCALE Creative Green Adaptation Award

Tell SCALE about your creative adaptation for a chance to spread the word!

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