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Women Respond Initiative & Social and Behavior Change Expertise for Nutrition in Emergencies

Woman and daughter from Venezuela both wearing masks.
Jennifer Rincón / Save the Children
6:30am - 7:30am EST

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This event was a session at the Food Security COVID-19 Learning Event.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented new challenges as we try to evaluate an emerging threat while still providing services and support to vulnerable communities. In this session, two different organizations will expand on the needs, challenges, and recent experiences of women and children during and outside of the pandemic. Teams have found ways to use existing or design new tools to improve their ability to monitor rapidly changing contexts, plan for possibilities, and make more informed choices. In this session, attendees took a detailed look at two such tools, one gathering and providing insights into women’s experiences, and the other for providing technical support for social and behavior change. Both offer data-driven, accessible approaches to adaptive management that can be used in highly disruptive situations, like COVID-19, and in our usual contexts. 


Kalkidan Lakew Yihun, CARE Ethiopia

Kalkidan (Kal) Lakew is the Program Coordinator for CARE’s Women (in VSLAs) Respond project, which focuses on listening and learning from women and girls in Village Savings & Loan Associations (VSLAs). Her background is in human rights and international development policy.

Emily Janoch, CARE 

Emily Janoch is the Director for Knowledge Management and Learning at CARE, focusing on ways to better learn from, share, and use evidence from implementation to improve impact. Her background is in public policy and international affairs.

Sona Sharma, Global Nutrition Cluster, Action Against Hunger