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Deep Environmental Transformations in Gulf Arab States: Past, Present, and Future

photo of solar panels
Middle East Institute
9:00am - 10:00am ET
Middle East Institute

Throughout the past century, the environment of Arab countries in the Gulf has changed drastically. The region has seen major urbanization, soil transformation, and the disappearance of mangroves, oases, and wetlands. Despite the fact that all of the Gulf Arab states have signed and ratified the Paris Climate Agreement, the region continues to have a mixed record on climate action as the challenges of climate change increasingly unfold.  

What major environmental changes have occurred in the Gulf region? What are the projections for the future? Which countries are developing alternative energy sources to transition to green energy, and how are they progressing? What are the institutional challenges to combating climate change across the region?  What are the prospects for promoting intra-regional cooperation to address climate challenges?