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Analyzing Seed Systems in Fragile Contexts

man holding seeds
Save the Children
2:00pm - 3:00pm ET
ISSD Africa

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Seed systems in fragile states differ from those in more stable environments and offer unique opportunities and challenges. In order to deliver effective support services in conflict settings, humanitarian agencies, donors and other stakeholders need to understand these differences, as well as how to address them with context-appropriate interventions.

The Mercy Corps-led ISSD Africa Action Learning Topic, Developing the Seed Sector in Fragile States, aims to deepen understanding of seed systems challenges and opportunities in fragile states and identify practical seed interventions entry points for humanitarian agencies, donors and other stakeholders.

As part of these activities, ISSD Africa is currently developing a context analysis tool (CAT) to help stakeholders understand 1) how conflict dynamics affect seed systems and 2) how to prioritize seed interventions to jointly and effectively improve seed systems functioning and peacebuilding efforts.

This session explored the draft CAT tool soliciting input from a panel of experts with experience in seed systems, conflict analysis and practical implementation, and will discuss the most robust and most disproportionally affected elements of seed systems in fragile states, as well as potential ways of supporting peacebuilding efforts through improving seed systems programming in fragile states.

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SCALE participated in this event along with ISSD Africa.